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Deepika Govind

Original. Innovative. Feisty. Spirited. These are just few words that strive to describe the creations of Bengaluru-based designer Deepika Govind. Be it garments in her prêt and couture collection, lifestyle products or accessories, Deepika’s flagship stores in New Delhi and Bangalore bear witness to the matchless originality of her designs. Her design philosophy is `Fashion for the EARTH’ (E=Elements, A=Art, R=Revolution, T=Technology and H=Human Hand.) With a keen eye for detail and precision, each of Deepika’s handcrafted ensembles reflects her ingenuity. The long and flowing lines of her work, seemingly complex, cut into elegant and beautiful masterpieces in motion. They strike a comfortable balance of Eastern crafting and Western construction. They are at once avant-garde and classic, transcending both time and culture.
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